The Ultima world of Britannia has inspired gamers for years. For me it started with obtaining a copy of Ultima VI. I spent hours playing it, and subsequently Ultima VII and Ultima VIII. When Ultima Online came out, it simply made sense to make the move to the online version of Britannia. During that time, around 1998, I also played a lot of tabletop roleplaying games and felt it would be a great idea to convert the world of Ultima to the tabletop. Thus Ultima: Resurrection was born. 

Over the next few years, after publishing the game online, the game gained a small following of dedicated gamers who joined in the writing and testing process. Quill Dragon and Rizban of Morn being the most active and at some point even being more active in writing material for the game than me. With their input, many changes were suggested and implemented. The rulebook was in for a full revision when Real Life hit and the project simply faded into the recesses of the web due to lack of attention. The website the game was hosted on, at that time a free service, was removed by the host at some point after 2004, making it very hard to obtain the game. 

Then, in 2016, a simple tweet from the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter (UDIC), reminded me that I had at one time written an awesome game. A game that deserved to be played. So now, in 2017, I am proud to present a sparkly new website, revised editions of the rulebook and the additional material that has been written by Quill Dragon and others. I hope the game will be played once more and that many an adventurer may once again set foot in the world of Britannia.