The game codex has been restored. The gates of Britannia are open!

For years it was impossible to obtain Ultima: Resurrecion. Now most of the game's documents have been revised and uploaded once more, to be read from and played with at leisure. Spread the word and walk the roads of Britannia once more. Ultima: Resurrection - The Return of Virtue is now truly resurrected.

Ultima: Resurrection - resurrected

Fourteen years it has been since Ultima: Resurrection was last seen. From the darkest recesses of the web (and some very dusty DVD's) it has now returned, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter (UDIC). Soon the pages of the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom will be replenished with the texts that make up the entirety of the game that is Ultima: Resurrection.

Stay tuned, citizens of Britannia. There is more to come still...