The Virtues

The Eight Virtues are derived from the three basic principals of Truth, Love and Courage.

From Truth springs Honesty

From Love springs Compassion

From Courage springs Valor


From Truth tempered by Love springs Justice

From Love tempered by Courage springs Sacrifice

From Truth tempered by Courage springs Honour


From the unity of Truth, Love and Courage springs Spirituality

All of these seven Virtues exist in great pride due to their perfect nature, yet pride is not a Virtue but a Vice. Thus the last Virtue is that which opposes this pride, namely Humility.

Thus we have completed the deriving of The Eight Virtues. Be wary ye who read this tome. The Avatar is no longer. It is up to the people now to discover their own Virtue, and carry them out on their own. Your task lies in reminding those whom you meet that The Virtues are still among them, even when the Paragon who embodied them has ascended beyond Britannia.

- As taken from the book of Honesty, the Ultima: Resurrection rulebook.